May 31, 2017 – Calgary, Alberta – NovaTeqni Corporation (“NovaTeqni” or the "Company") (TSXV
- NTQ: OTCQB - NVTQF) is pleased to provide the following corporate update of its achievements and
upcoming activities.
Elections Technologies
The Company is pleased to report that over the last year it has completed all prototypes for its full suite of
offerings for elections technologies which can also be modified to be used in the biometrics identification
sector. More than 50 international elections will take place in 2018 with nearly 20 elections taking place
in Africa. In order to be able to react quickly to these opportunities, the completion of the prototypes was
a necessary step. Through its strategic alliance with partners such as Paarl Media, a division of Novus
Holdings Ltd, Novateqni will be demonstrating and actively marketing its solutions well in advance of
elections. The relationship with Novus Holdings Ltd. a subsidiary of Naspers, commenced with the
partnership for the successful supply of elections technologies in Liberia. Novus provided support,
funding and financial strength for the project undertaken on behalf of the United Nations.
Vodafone and Zambia
In the past year, Novateqni also successfully supplied a Know-Your-Client (“KYC”) system for Vodafone
in Zambia. The KYC system builds on the previously supplied KYC solution provided to MTN, a South
Africa based multinational mobile telecommunications company, and the health registration system for
QProxim in Nigeria. Since the system has been successfully launched and is proven, it will be marketed
globally throughout the ever expanding biometrics and KYC sector.
Tobacco Farmers Management System
Novateqni also delivered Phase 1 of the biometrics enabled Farmers Management System (“FMS”) which
is used in the Tobacco industry in Malawi to allocate and track crop production as well as license farmers
to produce a specific quota of tobacco. Tobacco production is one of the biggest exports of Malawi.
Phase 2, which will include track and trace of the crop from production to auctioneers, will commence in
the next couple of months followed bv the incorporation of a payments module. The cloud based FMS
system has a number of applications within the agricultural and similar regulated sectors. Marketing of
the system will now commence in other countries for various agricultural applications as well as for use
in the cannabis industry.
Gerhard Mynhardt, CEO of Novateqni stated, “We are very pleased to have completed development
of our elections technologies and excited about our relationship with Novus Holdings Ltd for the
marketing of these products. Other partners will also be signed up to promote and market biometrics
identification solutions”.

About Novateqni
NovaTeqni is a technology based company that is focusing on biometrics and financial technologies.
Using its management experience and developed intellectual property, NovaTeqni provides solutions and
products for voter validation, voter registration, financial transactions and biometric identification
solutions. Using its platform of products, NovaTeqni can provide clients with custom solutions for their
particular industry. NovaTeqni has corporate offices in Calgary, Alberta, sales offices in Norfolk,
Virginia, development in Johannesburg, South Africa and manufacturing in Hong Kong.
For further information, please contact Gerhard Mynhardt, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, by
email at