Calgary, Alberta – NovaTeqni Corporation (“NovaTeqni” or the "Company") (TSXV:NTQ, OTCQB:NVTQF) is pleased to update shareholders with the activities of the Company over the last few months. The previously announced Mobizent deal is being fulfilled with testing of MobiCONNECT and development of the biometrics enabled mobile MobiCHK II computer is in full progress. Both products are aimed at the law enforcement sector in the United States and elsewhere.

NovaTeqni has also progressed its range of Pre-paidoff Grid Solar Power Packs for homes and small businesses. The Nova Solar Power Systems have online data connectivity allowing easy pay-as-you-go top up and telemetry for efficient remote support. This makes the purchase cost much lower for home owners who then pay for electricity as and when it is required on a pay-as-you-go basis. The cost effective system will be especially useful in areas such as Africa where many millions of homes in rural areas and small towns have no grid connected power. It is anticipated that a micro credit facility will allow users to obtain power on credit in certain cases, this is a feature able to be provided via the online connectivity of the system. The small business system is able to provide power to small businesses, schools, clinics, etc. These systems will be able to power a DC operated water filter system as well as a fridge, TV with satellite receiver, lights and small computers. This sector is receiving considerable investment attention. NovaTeqni has to date supplied close to 10,000 of its low power solar power kits to entities including the United Nations (UN).

Additionally, the company has been reviewing blockchain technologies that would be synergistic to Novateqni's existing business verticals. The markets for blockchain can be anywhere from biometrics based payments and secure money transfer to voter registration, voting and voter verification. It is also potentially useful for pre payments for utilities and services.

Gerhard Mynhardt, CEO of Novateqni stated, “We are very pleased to be completing the work for Mobizent and the team is working hard on growing our presence in our areas of expertise.”

About Novateqni

NovaTeqni is a technology based company that is focusing on biometrics and Financial technologies. Using its management experience and developed intellectual property, NovaTeqni provides solutions and products for voter validation, voter registration, financial transactions and biometric solutions. Using its platform of products, NovaTeqni can provide clients with custom solutions for their particular industry. NovaTeqni has corporate offices in Calgary, Alberta, sales offices in Norfolk, Virginia, development in Johannesburg, South Africa and manufacturing in Hong Kong.

For further information, please contact Gerhard Mynhardt, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, by email at