Larry Youell


Mr. Youell has been a director of NovaTeqni Corporation (formerly Hombre Capital Inc.) since 2012. His experience with both public and private companies has covered a variety of management positions including President of FEC Resources, Benchmark Energy, and Rose Technology. He retired from Enbridge having served as Senior Vice President Operations, Senior Vice President Business Support, Vice President and Comptrolloer, Director of Information Technology, and General Manger of several divisions. Mr. Youell has an HBA and MBA from Western University.

Gerhard Mynhardt


My. Mynhardt is an electrical engineer with 35 years of experience. Mr. Mynhard has expertise in structuring contracts in international markets and technical design. He has built and developed 3 successful companies which were ultimately sold. Mr. Mynhardt is well versed in the Biometrics (fingerprint, iris, facial recognition) and payment technology markets.

Daniel Horner


Mr. Horner is a partner in the law firm of Scott VenturoRudakoff LLP, in Calgary, Alberta, and carries on a corporate law practice. Mr. Horner has been a practicing lawyer in Calgary since 1993 and currently sits as a director for a number of corporations, and has past public corporation experience in his capacity as a director of Red Sky Energy Ltd., listed on the ASX. Mr. Horner was also a director of a regulated Exempt Market Dealer. Mr. Horner attended the University of Saskatchewan and obtained his Bachelor of Commerce, with a Finance Major, in 1991 and his Bachelor of Laws in 1992.

Leroy Wolbaum


Mr. Wolbaum is a Petroleum Technologist that has 41 years of business experience including service on several public company boards. From May 1, 1997 to present, he has been a Director for Mart Resources Inc. which trades on the TSX Venture Exchange and from November 17, 1997 to September 16, 2011 he served as a Director for Anglo Swiss Resources Inc. which also trades on the TSX Venture Exchange. Mr. Wolbaum also has public company experience as a director with North American Gem Inc. (TSX Venture Exchange), TransAKT Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board), and Wildcard Wireless Solutions Inc. (TSX Venture Exchange). Mr. Wolbaum is a Petroleum Technologist and received his degree from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in March 1967.