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Welcome to NovaTeqni

NovaTeqni is a US based technology solutions innovator.  

We innovate hardware based productions and solutions   from concept to production, or to prototypes as required.   NovaTeqni also provides a Request for Proposal and tender  preparation services for companies  who require additional resources for RFP and tender  preparation, and also for finding compliant solutions.    

NovaTeqni's management has  considerable  experience  in developing successful technology based products, integrating solutions, and  setting up mass production.  

Contact us for  product development requirements and for RFP and tender services. 

Successful development require many different skills and processes.  NovaTeqni has a network of specialized developers who assists in developing simple to complex solutions. 

             NovaTeqni assembles the pieces

NovaTEQNI  services

Product development including custom products 

NovaTeqni develops and supplies a range of  hardware based solutions and services according to its customers needs.

This includes system architecture design and integration, project management, hardware and software development, production management, training and support. NovaTeqni also undertakes hardware development and production. NovaTeqni puts together highly skilled teams to implement large projects, while it assumes the responsibility for such projects. Development is undertaken in the USA and elsewhere. NovaTeqni manages production and can place a production pack where ever production is required to be undertaken. NovaTeqni personnel can manage production projects, especially during start up, and when tight schedules have to be met.

NovaTeqni provides the following skills  and service:-

  • Problem and required solution – problem and requirement analysis, solution definition
  • Specifications
  • Project planning and management
  • Sourcing  of required materials and products
  • Development
  • System design
  • Integration
  • System software development
  • Electronics
  • Embedded software
  • Industrial design including rapid prototyping and tooling
  • Quality and test planning
  • Prototyping
  • Certification
  • Production and quality management - for small run's to mass production in very high volumes
  • Logistics including the shipping of lithium batteries which has become a challenging task
  • Local Training
  • Support and long term maintenance
  • Key goals which NovaTeqni USA strive to achieve in very project are:- 
  • Quality and long term reliability
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  • Innovation
  • World class quality and engineering 

      Contact us for a confidential discussion regarding hardware based product development requirements  

      Note that NovaTeqni uses some outside specialist contractors to assist it with the development of  solutions and products.  

      Request for Proposal (RFP) and Tender  bidding services

      NovaTEQNI provides a number of services for corporate entities and businesses who would like to compete for Request for Proposals (RFP's), tenders or Invitation to Bid (ITB's). This includes assisting to source competing solutions, services, etc. bid preparation, and, if necessary, assist with project execution. This will assist bidders who lack bidding resources, especially solution sourcing services.   NovaTEQNI specializes in the technology sector.
      NovaTEQNI guarantees confidentiality and will only work with one client per qualified opportunity. 
      Contact us   for a confidential discussion.  

      Note that NovaTeqni uses some outside contractors to assist to compile proposals, provide project management as required, and other skills which may be necessary for particular proposals.  

      NovaTeqni specializes in RFP's in the technology sector. 



      Our mission

      To provide  a  real,  measurable advantage for our customers who engaged us to innovate    quality, cost effective solutions   for them, thereby enabling our customers to be  more successful in their own businesses or service deliveries.

      Innovation examples

        • First wireless portable electronic payments terminal

                 Speedpoint   Portable - FNB 1992 

        • First payment transaction terminal (FP300) with integrated MICR

                Check  reader - FNB 1994

        • First portable electronic payments terminal with integrated 

               GSM   WAN communications, using USSD for transactions etc. - 1995

        • Mobile payments terminal with biometrics & barcode scanning –     1997 
        • Cellphone with attached integrated secure credit card, debit card 

                and smart card payments - TransAKT - 2000 

        • Cellphone enabled RFID reader, demonstrated at RFID 2003 
        • CellUPay cellphone based payment scheme - 2004
        • MobiScan – 2D  cellphonebarcode scanner  for transactions - 2005
        • Rugged mobile biometrics enabled device with GSM WAN, GPS, 2D 

               barcode reading, digital cameras, and UHF Gen 2 RFID   used for law 

               enforcement and government sector  2007

        • Binky portable heart rate monitor (BodyiQ) with PC exercise 

               uploading - 2000 

        • First UHF EPC RFID based sports timing system - 2000
        • Clip on smart phone enabled sled with integrated biometrics, 

                printing and NFC - 2011

        • Touch screen based  PIN  PAD combining both secure and  

               none-secure user interfaces with none-physical barrier  

              (demonstrated at 2015 Money2020 conference)

        • Fully integrated payment terminal with integrated biometrics, NFC 

               and printer (demonstrated at Money2020 conference) fully   

               operational with biometrics payments

        • TV commercial payment  solution (demonstrated at   

                2015 Money2020 conference)

        • PetroPAY mobile phone based gas station forecourt payment 

               system  - demonstrated in 2018  

        Who we are

        Gerhard Mynhardt is  a technology sector entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience in managing technology based companies. He has always insisted that his companies innovate in order to achieve superior outcomes. Over the many years he has been responsible for the development of many 'word firsts', some of which are listed below. 

        NovaTeqni (Pty.) Ltd  was founded by Gerhard Mynhardt in 2007 after the sale of his majority shareholding in SyGade and MaxID to a group of   international investors.   This lead to the incorporation of NovaTeqni USA LLC in 2014 under the guidance of Gerhard Mynhardt. 

        NovaTeqni USA LLC  benefits from decades of experience in developing  and supplying world class, successful technology based products . These products and solutions were developed by Natech, SyGade, MaxID, and now NovaTeqni, all founded and managed by Gerhard Mynhardt over this period. Major OEM customers included IBM, ICL Fujitsu, Lucent, Metrologic, Vodacom, BCX and NEC. In this time a number of world first's were developed and  supplied, including the world’s first portable electronic card payment terminal developed for FNB. 

        The core focus of NovaTeqni is the development and supply of reliable, world class and economically priced  identification based   solutions for  enterprise, government, financial institutions and corporates.  These solutions include biometric  capabilities,  enrollment, robust mobile solutions, elections  solutions,  Know Your Customer solutions and transaction solutions.  NovaTeqni is also a developer and supplier of off-grid solar solutions, especially for robust, mobile applications. 

        Accordingly NovaTeqni USA is managed by  an experienced US based solution and product innovator.


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